Where Can I Report Unethical Promotion Of Other Affiliates?

Bilang affiliate ng Unity Network, obligasyon mo na siguraduhin na ang iyong online marketing at mga promotional activities ay ethical, makatotohanan, at hindi misleading para sa mga potential customers or potential affiliates. Bilang affiliates required ka na ipakita ng maayos ang income disclaimers tuwing ikaw ay magpo-promote ng APS or […]

How To Buy Tickets For Titanium Seminar & Platinum Mastermind

1) Login inside your Unity Network affiliate accoun (www.TheUnityNetwork.com) 2) Go to Products page. From there you can buy a new Titanium OR Platinum event tickets.  3) After purchasing your ticket, Go to this Event Page to our Event Reserve Page to reserve your seat.IMPORTANT: Password will be required upon reservation. Please contact our chat support […]

How To Measure Your Ring Size For Your Achievers Ring

STEP 1: Print This PDF Document (When printing: Uncheck “FIT TO PAGE” or select “ACTUAL SIZE” to have the correct scale) https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/chrjewelry/webimages/Christian-Ring-Size-Guide.pdf STEP 2: VERY IMPORTANT: Check if your printed document is accurate (Watch the video for much clearer instruction). STEP 3: Pick a method on how to measure your ring […]

When Can I Get My Earnings?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Before you can request for payout, you will need to verify your identification first. Please read this article about I.D. verification. PAYOUT ANNOUNCEMENT: PLEASE CLICK HERE The minimum payout amount to withdraw commissions is P5,000. You only need 5 frontend sales or 5 new referred students to achieve this […]

How Can I Claim My Matching Bonus?

Q: I just qualified for one of the matching bonuses, how can I claim it? A: Please fill up the form on this page and provide all the necessary information so we can send your bonus. Make sure that all the information that you will send are valid and correct. Matching […]

Why My Affiliate Link Is Blinking?

If you experienced a blinking page or link, in this article you will learn why and how to solve it. Simple Explanation and Solution Reason 1: No User ID in the link being visited (Ex: http://clik.link/aps/ OR http://clik.link/aps/?unid=) Solution 1: Make sure to input a User ID on the affiliate link. (Ex: http://clik.link/aps/?unid=YourUserID) […]