Why My Payout Request Was Cancelled

Your payout request might be cancelled for various reasons. These are the most common reasons: No Account Number Provided Account Not Found Invalid Account Number Incomplete Account Number Account Is Not Valid Account Is No Longer Valid If your payout was cancelled, the fund will be credited back to your […]

How Can I Change My Login Email?

If you want to change your email for your Unity Network account , you will need to get in touch with our chat support so they can update your email for you. STEP 1: Get in touch with our chat support here. STEP 2: Let our support know you would  […]

How Can I Retrieve My Userid / Account?

If you ‘ve forgotten your account access (Eg; username, login email), you can check the welcome email that you received from Unity Network. That welcome email contains your User ID or your username. If you can’t find the welcome email that you’ve received, you may chat with our chat support […]