Why My Affiliate Link Is Blinking?

If you experienced a blinking page or link, in this article you will learn why and how to solve it.

Simple Explanation and Solution

Reason 1: No User ID in the link being visited (Ex: http://clik.link/aps/ OR http://clik.link/aps/?unid=)

Solution 1: Make sure to input a User ID on the affiliate link. (Ex: http://clik.link/aps/?unid=YourUserID)


Reason 2: There’s a SPECIAL CHARACTER being added in the User ID in the link being visited (Ex: http://clik.link/aps/ OR http://clik.link/aps/?unid=12345%)

Solution 2: Make sure that there are no special character on the affiliate link. (Ex: http://clik.link/aps/?unid=YourUserID)


Reason 3: There’s a Cache history issue with the browser of the visitor.

Solution 3: Try clearing the browser history. Here’s an article how to clear cache and browser history.


In Depth Explanation For Reason # 1

In your affiliate link,  there’s a tiny information that we call a parameter. That parameter is your UserID.

This little but very important information is how we know who’s the affiliate sending the traffic and who’s the affiliate entitled to earn the commission.

For example:


The information in the “YourUserID” is the parameter.

When someone visit or click an affiliate link, our system looks for that important parameter.

If it’s not there, our system will keep on looking and keep on refreshing the page.

This is why the page blinks. To solve this make sure that your User ID is present in your affiliate link. (Ex: http://clik.link/aps/?unid=YourUserID)


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