Can I Add My Own Plugins or Themes To Impact Instrument?

Inside your Impact Instrument account we provide you with suite of premium plugins that you can use. However users can not install their own plugins (and themes) and here’s why…

Impact Instrument is based on WordPress multi-site network. Every plugin and themes installed can affect the entire network.

Most plugins are written by third parties and some plugins can often conflict with other plugins. Some plugins are not secure and are vulnerable to hacking. Allowing users to install plugins can cause plugins conflict and could damage not only an individual site but also the entire network.

Each plugin and themes that we provide you inside Impact Instrument are carefully tested first. We provide you with all the plugins that you need to generate traffic, generate leads, rank in search engines, and see your site performance (analytics).

Keep in mind though that activating so many plugins at once can affect the loading speed of your site.

Mosts of the plugins we offer are very easy-to-use and designed for beginner to intermediate marketers and bloggers, though we do provide plugins and themes for advanced users, we do not want you to get overwhelm by over-customizing your site. Instead we recommend that you focus on the 3 KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) of their online business whic are Traffic, Leads and Conversion.

If you want to request a plugin or theme to be included inside IMpact Instrument you can do so by visiting our request page here.


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