Do I Need To Invite My Friends & Family To Make Money In Unity Network?

Do I Need To Invite People In This Business?

Many people who has experience with a traditional sales and business opportunities like MLM and Network Marketing are asking…
“Do I Need To Invite People In This Business?”
“Kaylangan ko bang mag-invite ng mga tao?”
The answer is NO!
Hindi mo kaylangang mag-invite or kumausap ng mga tao.
Unity Network is not MLM or Network Marketing where you need to invite and talk to people. You also don’t have to present or sell anything.

How Do YOU Make Money With Unity Network Affiliate Program?

Unity Network business model is called affiliate marketing. And to make money with this business model (affiliate marketing), your only goal is to make people click your affiliate link.

That affiliate link is unique and coded to you. This is how we identify who refers a new customer. This is how we know who gets the commission.

When people clicks your link, the system and the marketing will immediately take over.

Your goal is to market & promote your affiliate link so you can generate leads.
Our system will do all the selling, the follow up and the upselling process for you. When they make a purchase, that is where you earn a commission.

Your commission will depend on what product(s) your referral bought and what membership level you are in.

What’s The Difference Of Inviting and Promoting?

Inviting is a one to one process. Ito yung kakausap ka ng mga KKK mo. Kakilala, Kamaganak, Kaibigan para alukan ng products at business mo. This approach is usually teach in Network Marleting and MLM types of business model. We do NOT do this and we do NOT recommend this approaches because you can not scale your business with it.

Promoting however is one to many process. You are marketing to many people. Some example of promotions that you can do is by publishing content on the internet, placing ads on facebook or youtube, sending emails to a subscriber list, hosting live video broadcast like FB live and more.

This is what we teach our students because it is more effecient and it’s scalable. You can reach more people fast using this approach and you can grow your business much quicker.

Again your goal when you promote is not to sell the products of Unity Network. Your goal is to make people click your affiliate link and generate leads so our marketing systemcan do the selling for you.



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