How Do I Moderate Comments?

Comments allow your readers to leave feedback and thoughts, as well as other engagement.

In order to ensure that the comments that appear on your public blog are on topic, positive, and what you want, you will have several options to moderate those comments.

1. Log into your blog dashboard.

2. Select “Comments” from your dashboard menu.


From this page, you have the ability to approve or unapprovedeleteedit, or mark comments as spam by hovering over the comment and selecting from the options that appear below.

This action also gives you the option to easily reply to a comment.


For example, if you have selected “Comment must be manually approved” in “Global Settings”, new comments will appear as “Pending” until you approve them and the “Unapprove” link (shown in the above picture) will instead say “Approve.”

You can also view the comments as they appear on the actual post by clicking “View Post” to the right of the comment.

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