How To Use Epin (For Authorized Epin Buyer Only)

Authorized ePin seller can purchase Unity program in behalf of their customers. Here’s how to process an account using Epin.

STEP 1: Go To My ePins

After receiving your customers payment, login inside your account and go to My ePins > Buy ePins. If you’re using mobile phone, you need to click the main menu icon to access the page.

STEP 2: Buy An ePin

Buy an ePin using your eWallet balance or other payment option. You also get an instant 5% discount when you use your ewallet balance when you purchase.

STEP 3: Provide The ePin To Your Customer

Go to My ePins > My ePins and provide the Activation Code & Security Code to your customer immediately.

STEP 4: Customer Use The ePin To Get Instant Access

Customer will now be able to go to Checkout Page and buy using the provided ePins. Customers will have instant access to the program after processing the enrollment using ePin.


If you’re processing the customer access yourself, it is advisable to use a seperate browser.

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