How To Schedule A 1 On 1 Coaching With Your Coach

STEP 1: Book A Coaching Schedule With Your Coach – On the right side of your  account, you’ll see a “BOOK A COACHING” button. Simply click that button to schedule your 1 on 1 coaching.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you’re already finished with STEPS 1 to STEP 10 before scheduling your appointment.

STEP 2: Send A Message To Your Coach Via Facebook Messenger – After scheduling a 1 on 1 coaching, send a message to your coach. There will be a SEND A MESSAGE button in your coach calendar page. You can send your coach this sample message…

Hello Coach,

My name is ______________________.

I’m one of your coaching students.

I already scheduled a 1 on 1 coaching.

My User ID is: _________________________.

See you in our coaching schedule.

Thank you!

If for any reason you have any issues accessing the steps in this training or in contacting your business coach, please contact our chat support at




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