How To Upload Your Deposit Slip (New Students)

**This Instruction Is Exclusive For New Members ONLY 

If you sent your payment directly to Unity Network bank accounts, you will need to upload your deposit slip so we can verify your payment.

Please follow the instruction below on how to upload your deposit slip.

STEP 1: Copy the web address below (Make sure to insert the Referrer User ID in the beggining of the web address) then paste it in your browser…

Ascending Profit System (APS)

Average To Millionaire System (ATM System)
VERY IMPORTANT: Change the “InsertReferrerUserID” with the actual user ID of the sponsor.


STEP 2: Fill up the form with the NEW MEMBER DETAILS.


STEP 4: Click the APPLY NOW button.

STEP 5: After sending the payment, fill up the PAYMENT VERIFICATION FORM.

Unity Network Official Bank Accounts

Account Name: Unitynet Corporation
Account Number: 003630177470
Branch: West Trade Center

STEP 6: Click the SEND PAYMENT DETAILS button. We will manually verify your payment within 24 – 48 hours.





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