What Is Unity Network?

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Unity Network is a company that provides educational products to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.
It is s a Philippine registered corporation and our S.E.C. registration number is: CS201616056

SEC Certificate of Unity Network

Unity Network offer products ranging from digital information products, online courses, seminars, workshops and mastermind retreats. For more details about Unity Network products, please read this article.

Unity Network also offer a “franchise like” affiliate program where people can resell our products and services to earn income and commissions. We provide our partners with high converting and ready to use online business system so they can start building their online business right away instead of starting from scratch. We called this system the “Ascending Profit System” or APS for short.

Ascending Profit System by Unity Network



Unity Network is founded by Eduard Reformina and his vision is to create a community of entrepreneurs with the most inspiring success stories that will inspire more people to achieve their dreams.


Our mission is to help our customers and members to achieve the life of their dreams by giving them quality education, inspiring online environment and powerful tools to build a successful online business.

If you have any questions about Unity Network, feel free to chat with our support team on this page.

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