What Is Unity Network?

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Our Mission And Vision Statement

Unity Network is an education and training company for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. We educate Filipinos how to start, operate and grow an online business. Our core products are online training products and live event seminars. Currently we have more than 30,000 students and affiliates.

VISION: Our vision is to create a community of Filipino entrepreneurs with the most inspiring success stories that will inspire more people to achieve their dreams.

MISSION: Our mission is to help hundreds of Filipinos become self made millionaires and thousands more achieve financial freedom by providing our students & affiliates with high quality education products, inspiring commUNITY and a lucrative business model.

We B.E.L.I.E.V.E! Our Core Values


We believe in people and their dreams.


We empower and inspire.


We lead by example and we always do what is right.


We are always willing to learn to improve.


We are eager in facing challenges.


We care & we value our people (Customers, Affiliates and Employees).


We love sharing ideas and educating people.

Unity Network is is s a Philippine registered corporation and our S.E.C. registration number is: CS201616056




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