Why I Can’t Click The Tab and Menu

Hello partners! Happy Monday to you and your family.

Yung iba sa inyo alam nang lumipat tayo ng bagong hosting company.

Hindi na kasi kaya ng dating hosting natin. Grabe kasi kayo mag-promote eh. Sobrang daming bumibisita sa site natin.

Last month, more than half million page views ang nakuha natin.

Pero may Good News!

Our system is now hosted to a much powerful service.

We’re now using GOOGLE Cloud Platform (via WPEngine).

Kung mapapansin nyo, hamak na mas mabilis na ang pag load ng website natin. Parang naging X10 ang bilis.

Alam nyo ba na every 1 second improvements in website speed can increase your conversion?

Pag mabilis ang pag load ng website, mababa ang bilang nung tao na maiinip at aalis kagad.

Fast Website = More Money For Our Business

Ayos di ba?

Pero dahil sa paglipat na nangyari, some of our users ay nagkaka-issues pag bumibisita sa site.

Hindi makapag click ng tab, ng menu, yung iba hindi maka-login.

Don’t worry this is super easy to solve.

Here’s how to solve it:

1. Just clear browser cache memory.

Some instructions how to clear your cache:


2. Try logging out then logging in again.

Let me know if this helps!

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